• High density sipes with silica compound delivers a smooth ride, lower noise & improves traction on dry & wet roads
  • Solid centre rib provide steering stability & deliver a comfortable ride
  • Jointless nylon band improves tread stiffness & uniformity and delivers high speed stability
  • Variable pitch pattern & optimised footprint design provides superior comfort & quiet ride


  • Block tread design with multiple sipes provide outstanding off-road traction
  • Jointless nylon band improves tread stiffness & uniformity & delivers high speed stability
  • Strong structural design provides reliability & durability
  • Special tread compound & wide footprint enhances tread life & delivers excellent braking on wet & dry roads


  • Aggressive pattern design delivers outstanding traction in all conditions
  • High void rotation & open shoulder design provides excellent resistance to aquaplaning & self cleaning performance
  • Special casing profile & solid shoulder pattern enhances traction & cornering performance
  • Reinforced casing construction offers superior overall resistance to damage



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